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Bank 1st Account holders can choose to avail online banking services using their smart mobile devices or computers. Online banking offers the same list of banking features, facilities, and services customers otherwise get from a local branch. The only difference is they get to access these features simpler and faster than ever before. Using the Bank 1st online banking service customers get to pay bills instantly, securely save images of checks, and much more. Online banking arms customers with more control over their own finances.

The Login Process

Step-1: Customers who want to access their internet banking accounts need to visit the Bank 1st homepage and click Access Your Accounts under Online Banking Center.

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Step-2: When led to the login page, customers need to type in their User IDs and click Continue.

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How to Recover Forgotten Username or Password

Customers, who have forgotten their login details, need to get in touch with the bank by either calling them at 1-563-422-3883 or visiting their local Bank 1st branch.

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The Process of Enrollment

Step-1: Customers who are interested in opening new online banking accounts need to first go to the Bank 1st website and click Personal Enrollment under Online Banking Center.

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Step-2: In the following page, customers need to read the banking terms and click I Agree.

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Step-3: This leads customers to the enrollment page where they need to complete the form and click Submit. Information that needs to be entered here includes Name, SSN, Address, ZIP Code, Phone Numbers, Email Address, Date of Birth, and the Randomly-generated Security Code.

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