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Account holders of BancFirst can choose to enjoy the advantages of online banking by accessing it using their smartphones, computers, or tablets via the internet. BancFirst online banking offers the same banking facilities customers are used to getting from local branches as well as some new ones. Using BancFirst online banking customers can securely save digitized versions on checks, pay bills instantly, and much more. Online banking is very easy to use and even beginners should face no trouble to take its full advantage.

The Login Process

Step-1: To log into their accounts users need to first visit the BancFirst homepage.

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Step-2: They need to type in their Username and Password under Personal Online Banking and then select a particular banking service from the drop-down menu. Once finished, customers need to click the Login button to get access to their accounts.

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How to Recover Forgotten Username or Password

Step-1: Customers need to click the Forgot Your Password link under Personal Online Banking at the homepage to reset their forgotten passwords.

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Step-2: In the following page, customers need to type in their registered Phone Number and Username followed by clicking the Send Me A New Password button. This concludes the password recovery process.

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Customers, who have forgotten their Usernames, need to click the I Forgot My Username link located on the same page.

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Step-3: When a fresh page opens up, customers need to type in their Email Address and click Send.

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The Process of Enrollment

Step-1: To get their accounts enrolled for online banking, customers need to visit the BancFirst homepage and click the blue Register Now button under Personal Online Banking.

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Step-2: In the following page, customers need to click Begin.

Step-3: This leads to the enrollment form where customers need fill in the blank boxes with relevant details before clicking Continue. Information that needs to be entered here includes Name, Date of Birth, Tax ID number, Mother’s Maiden Name, Address, Postal Code, and more.

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