Arizona Bank & Trust Online Banking Login

Account holders of Arizona Bank & Trust can avail internet banking services to manage their bank accounts much more efficiently. Online banking allows customers to have a greater control over their finances by making banking operations fast and easy. Customers can access these services from their smartphones, tablets, or computers via the internet. Making banking easier for everyone, online banking covers all the basic services that customers otherwise get from a local branch. Customers can use Arizona Bank & Trust online banking to pay bills electronically, transfer money to different accounts, viewing account statements, and much more.

The Login Process

Step-1: Customers need to go to the Arizona Bank & Trust homepage and click the link that reads Login located near the top-right section of the page.

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Step-2: This action opens a new window where customers need to type in their Username and Password followed by clicking Login.

How to Recover Forgotten Username or Password

Step-1: Customers who cannot remember their banking passwords need to visit the Arizona Bank & Trust homepage, type in their Username, check the box next to Forgot Password and click Login.

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Step-2: Customers need to contact the bank by calling them at 1 -877-280-1857 or visiting their branch if they can’t remember their Username.

The Process of Enrollment

Step-1: Users need to click the Enroll link located at the Arizona Bank & Trust website to begin the enrollment process.

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Step-2: In the next page customers need to click the button that reads Personal.

Step-3: This directs users to an online form where they need to fill in all the required information and click Submit. Customers need to enter their Login ID, SSN, date of birth, state, ZIP code, name, and email address to complete the form.

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