Adams Bank & Trust Login Tutorial

The online banking facility of Adams Bank & Trust is available to all its customers who can access various services using PCs, smartphones, or tablets. These services include all usual facilities offered by the local branches as well as some new features which are instant online bill payment, viewing statements, and more.

The Login Process

Step-1: Customers who want to avail online banking services must first go to the Adams Bank & Trust homepage.

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Step-2: They must select the Personal tab located under Online Access and then type in their Access ID followed by a click on the green Retail Online Login button.

How to Recover Forgotten Username or Password

Step-1: In case of misplaced passwords, customers need to go to the homepage and click the Forgot Your Password button located under Online Access section.

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Step-2: In the following page customers need to type in their email ids, Access IDs, the final 4 digits of their tax numbers, and send a request by clicking the Submit button.

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Step-3: If for any reason customers lose their Access IDs they need to call the bank on 1-800-422-3488 or alternatively visit their local branch for assistance.
The Process of Enrollment

Step-1: To register for online banking services, customers need to visit the Adams Bank & Trust homepage and then click the 1st Time User link located under Online Access.

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Step-2: This directs customers to a new page where they need to fill out all the details including email id, account number, account type, telebanking password, and then check the Terms and Conditions followed by a click on the Submit button below.

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